Personal Insurance Content – How to Write Articles on Insurance Topics For Consumers

Everyone knows they need insurance in case of a catastrophic event, something that could set them back, burn up their life savings, or force them into bankruptcy. Still, people realize that they pay too much on insurance, and that the insurance companies do not always pay the claims. This is a big dilemma for folks, and few people really understand the insurance policies they have, exactly what the coverage involves, and why they are paying so much.

Consumers need more information on insurance, merely so they can ask the right questions of their insurance agent or broker. It will also help them to decide which insurances they need, and which policies make more sense for their budgets, family income, and their assets. All too often, people have too much insurance, which is costing them a pretty penny, rather than too little insurance which is leaving them at risk for exactly what I described above.

As an online article writer of Insurance Topics, you can help consumers by explaining the personal insurance they need in their lives. Insurances such as:

  • Disability Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Umbrella Policies
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Plans
  • Etc..

Over the years I’ve written nearly 100 articles on this topic, and I am always amazed when readers e-mail me back and tell me of their insurance problems, or ask me questions; some of which I am not even qualified to answer, and I daresay many insurance agents, brokers, and even some insurance underwriters can’t answer.

Still, if you are going to write insurance articles on the Internet, I hope you will consider what I’ve said here today, because there is a definite need in the market place for this type of online content. Please consider all this.

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